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Don't Let the TikTok Ban Destroy Your Brand

As you may have seen in the news, it's possible that we could lose TikTok in the United States. We aren't here to discuss politics but we will focus on the rise of TikTok and the monumental effects a ban will have on businesses.

If you've put your heart and soul into building your following and creating amazing content, you've got to act now to protect your work before it's too late.

Let's be real, TikTok has been an absolute game-changer in the social media world. It's created countless viral stars who went from being complete unknowns to overnight sensations. These folks were just living their lives when suddenly, boom! They went viral and found themselves being invited onto shows like Ellen, The Carlson Tucker Show, or Steve Harvey the very next day. How cool is that?

Take one of our clients, for example. He was a huge star back in the 90s, but before working with us at Overnight Publicity, he just couldn't seem to get the same attention anymore. His social media posts were barely getting 200-300 views. But as soon as we started working together and focused on TikTok, his first four videos blew up! And guess what? His other social media profiles started getting popular too, and he was getting recognized on the street again, just like the good old days.

TikTok has given a voice to people who have faced injustices when they lost their 20-year pension and has helped small businesses, like talented cake decorators, reach audiences they never thought possible. For once, everyone had a shot at going viral, businesses sold out of their product, and a handful of our clients became first-time millionaires from TikTok's explosive reach alone.

But here's the scary part: imagine if you've spent years building a loyal following on TikTok, creating awesome content, and growing your brand, and then suddenly, the app gets banned. Poof! Everything you've worked for is gone, just like that. Your millions of followers? Gone. Your amazing brand deals? Vanished. The platform that made you a star? Now it's just a digital ghost town, and you're left trying to pick up the pieces.

And trust me, this isn't just some made-up scenario. It happened to an influencer who had 6 million followers and was making 7 figures from her TikTok account. When her account got banned, it took a whole 3 months just to prove her identity and get her account back. By the time she was back on TikTok, it was too late. Her followers had moved on, her 7 figure brand deals were gone, and her relevance in the fast-paced world of social media had faded away. New influencers popped up and she became old news. Years later, she has never recovered to that same level of income and she is still very sad about it.

Don't let this happen to you! The potential TikTok ban is a serious threat to the financial health of many companies. You need to take action now to safeguard your work and your livelihood. Every second you wait is a second closer to losing everything you've built.

At Overnight Publicity, we've seen firsthand just how powerful TikTok can be in helping our clients go viral and grow their businesses. It changed the game for many people. But we also know that putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. This was bound to happen, even if it's not in the way we predicted.

Stay tuned for the next email newsletter we send out. We'll teach you how to start owning your data and branching out to other platforms ASAP. We'll teach you how to get your followers to connect with you on other channels and how to make sure you're collecting their contact info. That way, you'll still have a direct line to your audience even if TikTok disappears.

Even if it doesn't, it's always a good idea to own your data. History has always proven that social media platforms are temporary. It started with Myspace, then Facebook, then Vine, then Instagram, and now its TikTok.

When you own your data, marketing becomes much more affordable.

Your online presence is at stake here and we'll be in touch to work with you to create an emergency plan to make sure all your hard work and success doesn't go down the drain if TikTok gets banned.

If you can't wait until the next email and need help figuring out a plan to safeguard your social media presence now, give us a call at Overnight Publicity. 424-274-7131.

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