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Why do I have to pay to get in the media? Isn't it free?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Are you secretly offended that we have pricing attached to all these podcasts, celebrity contacts, and interviews? Are you kind-of in disbelief belief that your beloved shows, podcasters, and celebrities charge money to be a part of their publications?

Problem You're Facing: You've heard that you should never pay for publicity. You are wondering if paying-to-play is a scam. You might even be offended or are in disbelief. Is this real?

Quick summary of what this blog is about:

  • How pay-to-play media vs. organic pitching works

  • Which option is right for you

Read this blog if: You want to understand how media truly works and how to utilize this information for your benefit to boost your brand or company.

In the world of getting attention for yourself, there are two ways to go about it. First, you can rely on free methods where publicists work to pitch your story to journalists. Sounds good, right? Well, the catch is you're at the mercy of their schedules and whatever suits them.

Now, picture this: You take the reins. You decide when your story hits the scene, controlling the narrative. Sure, it costs you, but it's like paying your way into the spotlight, a move that's been around forever, especially in the music biz where they call it "pay to play." No shame in the game – it's just playing smart to stay ahead.

Publicists and connections are in your corner, no doubt. But let's talk about social media fame. Imagine someone blows up online, gets calls from two big talk shows. They choose a show in Los Angeles, and here's the twist – the President decides to drop by the same day. Suddenly, their fifteen minutes of organic fame get bumped, and they lose out on other opportunities.

Here's the hitch with relying solely on organic pitching. Your spot might be stolen by a more famous face. Enter the paid option – a guarantee that your story stays in the limelight. Imagine a scenario where, if you'd paid, you'd get a second shot even if the President wanted airtime that day.

In the game of getting noticed, sure, we can pitch you organically. But the only sure shot comes when you open your wallet – your paid slot, ensuring your story doesn't get drowned out in the media noise.

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